In this article, we will be discussing some HOW TO REDUCE PAGE LOAD SPEED OF BLOG

Loading time of your website is one of the most crucial reasons for ranking in the google or any search engine

some of the methods which we can use to speed up our blog



WordPress as we all know that have a greater advantage over Blogspot, but some of the bloggers didn’t understand how to use that power properly

Many of us including me way back uses too much plugin which leads to the spoiling of loading speed that’s why we should use a minimum plugin

I personally now only use these ones

    • WP SMUSH

thats it!!

Disable unwanted plugins: Try uninstalling plugins like importer (used to import WordPress data) too many social share plugins, use only add to any social share buttons if you really need them

  • Use a single plugin doing the task that requires a bunch of plugins: many bloggers use multiple plugins for doing the same working like. The best option to take care of analytics is the jetpack. And for doing SEO, XML sitemap etc. Yoast is a good option.


If you are a beginner then I would recommend you Hostgator or Bluehost. But if you are getting high on visitor you will be needed some dedicated hosting like WPX hosting

how to reduce page load speed of blog no.1


2. Buy Premium Themes

If you built something and its great but it’s not presentable it’s of no use that’s why buying a decent good theme is a great investment and it will give you return in the upcoming days for guaranteed


one of the most popular and SEO optimized themes is genesis and newspaper which give a great experience to the visitor and also reduce bounce rate and improve CPC

the fanciest one is the NEWSPAPER theme which has many features in it like tag dv composer anmanyry more

how to reduce page load speed of blog no.2

3.Reduce Image Size:

Many times we try  to upload a high quality image or hd image to look our blog good and give great user experience but it has also negative effects also it reduces the loading time of the website greately which has bad impact in your seo and ranking in the google , there is one solution which is compressing the image which can be done manually but i recommend plugings like wp smush which do their job very well

how to work with wp smush

upload the images to your WordPress gallery

  1. Go to smush plugin and click on reduce size click on auto smush to skip this step from the next time
  2. if you are using .png file time then use tinypng for compression of images

how to reduce page load speed of blog no.3

4.Use Of Cloudflare(CDN)

content delivery network (CDN) is a set of servers distributed around the globe the main advantage of CDN is it increses the effciency, speed and performance of the site the most relevant example is cloudflare which is a cdn

note: cdn sometimes cause many problems to the beginner or noobie blogger.

Suppose you have to buy pizza then there is the first scenario that you have to buy throught outlet store and the second option is you will call to pizza delivery boy (thats the role of CDN )

how to reduce page load speed of blog no.4


5.Minimize The Code

Use pingdom to test the elements in your website which take most time for loading agian we are focusing in the speed of the site because it is very crutial for seo

use plugin like autoptimize to shorten the different codes like html and css

how to reduce page load speed of blog no.5

6. Keep The Homepage Short And Simple

enter only limited content in the homepage of your website it agian increases  the website loading speed it should be maxed of 7 posts in the homepage from my point of view

how to reduce page load speed of blog no.6

wordpress hompage max post
Enter the desired number here.

7. Avoid Using Of Javascript

Having java scripts like having a flaw in the website, avoid using of javascript which boost up the ranking in seo . some of the useful javascript can be used without a doubt like GOOGLE analytics which is used to track your website status

If you are using NEWSPAPER  theme, then go to THEME PANEL  and paste your JavaScript codes in the analytics/js code area

how to reduce page load speed of blog no.7

8. Don’t Use Too Many Advertisements:

Using ads for monetizing a blog is too common these days. But as we all know everything under the limit is ok but it you  misuse that you may face negative impacts also as its increases loading time and decreases user experience which is inversely proportional to ranking and SEO

always use asynchronous ad format instead of  synchronous ad format the google also recommend to use this setting

how to reduce page load speed of blog no.8

                                                Select Asynchronous while getting the ad code.

9.Reduce the clutter off your server:

If your blog is old and you havent checked the file manager for a along time then this is there are many javascript and css script lying around without any use also there are many useless plugins which only hurt seo of your site


the older the site there would be more backups then resulting there should me more resourses consumed in your web hosting. the clutter of script and pulgins uses valuable resourse which you needed for better traffic management so, clean up your site atleat in 3 months to prevent this problem

how to reduce page load speed of blog no.9

10.Speed Up The Most Viewed Pages:

Each site has a portion of the pages saw more than the others. You can check your most saw pages from the Google analytics and then improve them to stack quicker.

                                        Check your top landing pages in Google Analytics

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Decrease the frequency of ads
  2. Optimize the images: By shumsh plugin
  3. By hiding certain elements like social share buttons weather forecast and many more

how to reduce page load speed of blog no.10

11. Use caching plugin

on the last but not the least the cache plugin also play an important role in the speed of the website

how to reduce page load speed of blog no.11

In the end……

Here were the nitty-gritty and the most essential factors that could assist you with reducing the blog stacking time. I for one made my blog quicker utilizing three of the super traps like utilizing a superior host WPXHosting, a world-class theme, and storing framework. I prompt you the same as well. Furthermore, I might want to instruct you to follow Google’s guidelines in the request to stay aware of the great arrangements.

I hope you have now understand  how to reduce page load speed of blog


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