How to download whatsapp status without an app

download whatsapp status

How to save WhatsApp status without an app

Hello there today we will see How to download Whatsapp status without any app

Since WhatsApp is the most famous social media platform which is used by many people and sometimes we find a status which became pleasing to our eyes and we also want  to put it as a status but it is not every time possible to ask the person to personally send that particular image or video to you because maybe the sender is your acquaintance or it may be your far friend or many things but you may be an introvert guy

So to get that particular image or video you will be needed


  • A smartphone
  • a file explorer
  • and some  brain


Steps to download Whatsapp status without an app

Note: You will not able to download the text status of that particular person for that you can take a screenshot (by pressing volume down+power button )


1. Open WhatsApp and view the desired WhatsApp status you want to download close or minimise the WhatsApp and now open the file manager and locate WhatsApp folder it should be on the internal storage of the phone

how to save whatsapp status

3.then in file manager just swipe from left to right and open the new window named as setting and enable hidden files toggle

how to save whatsapp status video

4.then go back and the WhatsApp folder then media


5.after opening media folder you see a new folder named as .status

how to copy whatsapp status .status here will be all seen status and now you can share it with anyone

how to record whatsapp status video





Hope you like this article if any problem occours please let me know in the comments.




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